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Dennis Curtin has spent his entire career in education, publishing many of the leading textbooks in photography featuring the work of our most respected photographers. In mid career he found himself at a major turning point—the dawn of digital photography—and he decided it was an opportunity to do something very different. With the cost of printed textbooks reaching astronomical heights, it was time to take advantage of the technology that had been developed over the past decades to try an entirely new model—text materials that are delivered, promoted, and used electronically. Starting in 1997 he switched to Web-based publishing and launched the popular ShortCourses.com and PhotoCourse.com Web sites. The result has been a series of highly regarded eTexts with interactive multimedia components, at VERY affordable prices.

Mr. Dennis P. Curtin, The Author of Short Course and Photo Course Books
In his role as an editor, Dennis worked with Ansel Adams and played a key role in Ansel publishing his books with Little Brown. (This story is told on the ShortCourses site on the page Ansel Adams and Me). He has also edited and published the leading textbooks in photography in addition to many other titles:

As an author, his most popular photography books other than texts have been:

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